Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had a lot of fun sketching some domesticated wild pigs in Thailand
during August 2011.


  1. This is so damn good, I love it! I still have all of your original sketches of dancing animals you did for The Woohoo Revue which I found outside your house in your garbage bin amongst a bunch of smelly food scraps when I was putting a wine bottle in that bin on a rainy day....well, I knows good stuff when I sees it, so I says to myself, I says "Darn these smelly food scraps and darn this rain, there's mini-masterworks to be had" so I dived into that big garbage bin head first, banana peels and yoghurt and month old cream cheese all over my mug, and I pulls these drawings outta there, and outta there they stays!
    They are some seriously imaginative and dynamic drawings. Prizes in my collection!