Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moreland's Ball

The finished illustrations with a couple of separate character studies....


  1. Brilliant! Have you thought about a limited edition print run? Advertise it on the album cover and gig posters if not too late. Let me know if you do it!
    Nick L

  2. Thanks Nick! That's a nice idea. There were some minor problems with the pressing of the sleeve, to be corrected on the 2nd run. Will look into it

  3. This would make a perfect print- also, there's the option to do a limited edition print run signed by the band for an extra touch. Just an idea!

    Always good to see new work, really inspiring. Thanks for sharing sam!

  4. Sounds like I should investigate this print edition idea to fwd on any good places in Sydney? I assume you're in the know with this stuff ;) Cheers S